Reasons Should You Invest in Baidu Advertising

Online advertising tools such as video ads, social media ads, and display ads help you reach the right audience. If you aim to reach Chinese consumers, you need to invest in online advertising in China’s largest search platform. Here are some reasons why you should invest in Baidu advertising (

Higher Search Engine Market Share

People are known to use a search engine to find relevant information about products and services before buying them. If you look at China’s Internet landscape, Baidu is the largest search platform in China, holding more than 78% search engine market share. Baidu has reached 174 million daily active users which show the importance of the search engine platform for advertising activities.

Baidu PPC- Reach Your Potential Customers with Ease

Baidu PPC advertising is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. As the advertising model’s name suggests, you have to only pay to Baidu when your ad is clicked. Baidu offers you flexibility in your ad spend regardless of your ad budget. Unlike other marketing strategies, Baidu PPC allows you to reach and engage the Chinese audience with ease.

When Chinese people search for a product or service, Baidu PPC will show relevant information in search ads. The search engine also displays alliance website banners on the search results page. Without a doubt, Baidu PPC ads can increase the visibility of your brand also drive traffic to your website. Here are some advantages of Baidu PPC that can take your business to the pinnacle of success.

Develop Brand Awareness

Search engine optimization of your website on Baidu can take months to show results. It also means you would be losing customers until your website reaches the top position. When you invest in Baidu advertising, your brand enjoys instant visibility to a relevant audience. Baidu offers different types of advertising tools that help develop brand awareness in lesser time.

You can benefit from a diverse range of advertising products like information feed ads, text search ads, display ads, Brand Zone, and Baidu Knowledge.

Convert Your Buyers

The leads in the last stage of the marketing funnel aren’t looking for information sources. They are more inclined to click on display ads that provide them a solution. According to Wordstream research, 65% of display ads receive clicks from people who are ready to buy your products and services.

Drive Profit

Baidu PPC gives you a better ROI than other advertising verticals. Baidu has a strong focus on paid adverts, and you can see up to 7 ads ahead of any organic search results. You can also optimize your Baidu advertising campaign on a daily basis to make the best possible use of the available budget.

Granular Control over Advertising

Baidu PPC account offers you granular control over advertising spends. You have five levels of account control, which include Account level, Campaign level, Ad-group level, Keyword and URL level, and Ad copy level. The PPC account offers several unique features like target region, run times, daily budgets, and negative keywords. All these features allow you to manage your advertising campaigns smoothly and get a high ROI.

Baidu’s Industry Target Feature

When you invest in Baidu PPC, you get access to advanced Baidu advertising tools like Industry target features, which allows you to acquire traffic from industry leaders and your competitors. It’s easy to use, and all you have to do is add a competitor’s website to the campaign. Baidu search technology automatically identifies a similar audience to the websites and show your display ads for relevant keywords.

Baidu’s Industry Target feature is powered by a deep study of Chinese audience definition and their behavior and data collected over the years. Baidu has a mature database and advanced algorithm that allows Baidu to identify users who have urgent needs and users who might need your product and services in the near future.

This feature not only avoids direct keyword bidding wars that escalate the prices, but it also helps you target the most relevant audiences.

Improve organic Listing

Baidu PPC also helps in improving your organic listing. The Industry Target feature also shows the image of your website alongside your SEO listing on the search results page.

So have you started Baidu advertising?

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