Important Benefits of Using Baidu SEM

With multiple foreign companies making their way to the Chinese marketplace, it’s no surprise that the ways to tap into this gigantic market have multiplied, along with the difficulty factor doubling as well! But in order to really get to your target audience, you must get involved in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Baidu SEM?

When it comes to social media marketing in China, Baidu search engine marketing comes to mind. This is one of the top marketing strategies used in the country for brands to attract their target audience, drive up traffic on their websites and expand their business by being accepted by the average Chinese customer. Having said that, dealing with Baidu SEM ( is no piece of cake. In fact, if you’re clueless on the subject, it is always advisable to hire an external third party: perhaps a digital marketing agency in China that can help with these tasks. This saves you time, energy, resources, and a tonne of money.

What Is Baidu SEM?

Before we move on to the list of benefits of using Baidu SEM, here’s an important question: what IS Baidu SEM? Baidu SEM or PPC (pay-per-click) is an important marketing technique that uses paid tactics to reach the customer; it is considered the part of the strategy that gains visibility ultimately! If you’re thinking about Google Ads with other foreign companies that use Google as their primary search engine, when it comes to Baidu PPC, you’d have to think of Phoenix nest. Keep in mind this is a lot more difficult to set up than say Google Ads. This includes activities like setting up and optimizing ads but also set budgets for ad placements.

Most Common Baidu SEM Practices

Some of the most common SEM/PPC practices used by Baidu are Baidu Tuigauang (basically Baidu’s version of Google Adwords), Baidu Pay for Placement (P4P- there may not be a Google equivalent for this Baidu product yet, but it allows you to reach out to your target audience using relevant searches), Baidu Pro Theme (a not so common tool used exclusively for Baidu Union members), and BaiduTV (used specifically for video ad promotions and does a good job connecting with your ideal customer).

Benefits of Using Baidu SEM

In case you were wondering, Baidu is the strongest platform that can be used not only by Chinese businesses but also oversea businesses to work their way into the Chinese marketplace. It is, in other words, the only channel used to connect the enormous market of this country, and Baidu just happens to be the leading search engine of China. Thankfully, some of its distinct features have successfully been leveraged to use for different purposes, the main purpose of which is social media marketing, of course!

Baidu SEM: Broadening Your Target Audience Circle

China has over 700 million internet users, and this number has no intention of reducing any time soon. What could be a better way of reaching out to them than by their most popular search engine? Promoting your products and services while they’re on their daily social media splurge only makes work easier for you. Baidu does a great job there because it is the most popular search engine in China and is being used by 90% of the population! Marketing your products using Baidu SEM helps you connect with your ideal customer on a personal level while promoting your brand in the best possible platform, literally.

Baidu SEM: Effectively Using Online Advertisements

Baidu SEM has displayed positive results when reaching out to Chinese customers. They also respond well to online advertisements! This is rather surprising, as customers from most foreign countries do not like ads and tend to ignore them. Meanwhile, Chinese customers search for those ads and support targeted marketing! Therefore, if you’re using your previous knowledge of SEM, don’t apply that for Baidu SEM, as the reverse of what happens in countries abroad happens here. They believe that if businesses are willing to pay and advertise their brands, it is worthy of consideration at the very least.

Baidu SEM: Helping With Online Purchases

Chinese customers do not shy away from making impulse shopping decisions online. According to recent studies, there are almost 6 billion queries every day on Baidu that include customers searching and buying a wide plethora of products. With millions of smartphone users in this ginormous country, businesses are getting multiple opportunities to market their products on this great social media platform!

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