How Can Baidu SEM Benefit Your Business?

With Baidu claiming more than 75% of China’s market, the search engine landscape in China is totally different from that in most Western countries. Baidu is the most preferred platform for companies to run search marketing campaigns in China.

Below are the few reasons why you should also focus on Baidu SEM but let’s understand first what Baidu Search Engine Marketing is.

What Is Baidu Search Engine Marketing?

Baidu search engine marketing is all about using paid tactics to gain exposure and generate leads. It mainly consists of Baidu PPC, which is similar to Google Ads. Baidu PPC includes setting up ads, placement of ads, and optimizing ads to gain higher ROI.

Baidu PPC is a paid marketing tool that requires an initial investment of 5000 RMB to open an account. Once you have set up the Baidu PPC account and made the deposit, the funds are immediately available for your PPC campaigns. The price of your ads depends on various factors like competition in the industry, bidding prices, and the quality of your ads.

Here are some unique benefits of Baidu search engine marketing for your business.

Improve Revenue

The primary objective of any marketing campaign is generating more money. In simple words, companies expect a high ROI from their marketing campaigns. Baidu and other social media platforms offer profitable playgrounds for search ads that bring more money for businesses. Anyone who has run a Baidu search engine marketing campaign knows this.

At the end of the day, Baidu PPC offers brands and agencies great potential to make money through search engine marketing activities.

Increase Brand Awareness

SEM plays an important role in increasing brand awareness as paid ads can increase it by 80%. Even if people do not click ads, the brand names are still visible on the top of the page, and people can easily see it while searching for related information.

Baidu has a unique feature known as in-feed ads which display native ads on bulletin board system, mobile site, and browser. The in-feed ad feature allows businesses to tap into growing mobile usage and changing consumer behavior.  In-feed ads allow companies to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and retarget existing users.

Baidu displays your paid ads above organic search results that guarantee the best views for the display and text ads. While Chinese consumers may directly go to an e-commerce site to make a purchase, many Chinese consumers still search for more information, reviews, and advice while purchasing products and services.  Hence, Baidu SEM can play a greater role to inform, attract, and divert traffic to your website that will help your business achieve its objectives.

More Conversion Focused

While search engine marketing is money-focused, companies cannot ignore other important conversions. Marketing campaigns also have other important objectives like new subscribers, contest entries, newsletter groups, which are other types of important conversions for businesses.

Baidu search engine marketing is an important conversion driver for any type of marketing campaign for the China market. Baidu PPC offers different choices and tools to control the ad spends like targeting based on interest, people with similar search behavior or with specific interests like instruments, business consulting, and manufacturing. Also, Baidu delivers all ads in accelerated mode by default.

Baidu SEM allows linking of paid ads to conversion-focused landing pages/sales pages that move web traffic through the sales funnel.  While SEO can also help in top sales funnel activity, it is paid ads that really focus on a specific sales/marketing goal and end of funnel conversions.

Brand Protection

Brand protection has become a necessity for businesses. You cannot ignore the possibility of your competitors bidding on your brand term and driving traffic to their website. Fortunately, Baidu PPC offers different levels of brand protection, which prevents your competitors from bidding for your brand keywords.

If your brand has good recognition in China market, you can go ahead and own the SERPs for your brand and trademark items. Baidu paid ads triggered by keywords are rich in multimedia and allows brands to occupy the top position for their brand terms at all times.

These are some of the benefits of Baidu SEM for your business.  Do you’ve any questions?

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